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6 Tips for recycling your old textiles.

6 Tips for recycling your old textiles.

Like myself have you had a clear out/ organised your wardrobe and you’re left with some clothes you don’t want anymore?

It’s estimated that a staggering £30 billion worth of unused clothing is sitting in our wardrobes nationwide. Wow!

Rather than throwing clothes away (never put them in the bin) there’s plenty of sustainable things you can do too reuse and recycle them.

I’ve created this handy guide below for you to get some inspiration.

  • Give to an animal shelter.

Animal shelters often use old towels, bed linen, clothes for the animals in their care. They use them to make beds, blankets and help the shelter feel more like home for them. Consider taking your old textiles for a furry friend.

  • Pass them on or hand down.

Hand me downs are an excellent option especially for children's clothing. This option saves lots of money and is environmentally friendly. Or between friends - If you have changed sizes, give your clothes a new lovely home and gift to a friend who they will fit (make sure you wash them first)

  • Donate to charity.

Charity shops need our support more than ever right now. Donate your clothes that are in good condition for someone else to love.

  • Local textile recycling spots.

Clothing that isn’t in a good enough condition to be passed to a friend can be recycled at local textile banks often found in supermarket car parks.

  • Clothes swap events.

Take your clothes to a clothes swap event and come home with some lovely second hand ones for yourself.

I hope you find these tips useful. Let me know if there are any creative things you do with your old clothes.

Sarah x

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